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How to force the browser not to cache images

When I made my website, I ran into a big problem: because I often make modifications to my games and also change the visual theme, I have to update the images. However, the browser continues to show the old images, even if I overwrite the image files (due to the browser cache). I did a […]

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DemoRec: input recording and playback

I wish to show you a new Game Maker extension I made to record the gameplay. The extension can record mouse and keyboard input and reproduce them accurately during playback. This extension can be very useful to decouple the graphics of the games from the gameplay: for example, if you want to change some graphic […]

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Mixing two sprites preserving alpha channel

Mixing two sprites according to a percentage can be interesting, in order to fade from the first to the second one. Let’s suppose for now that the two sprites have the same shape. An initial idea: draw the first sprite with alpha 1, then draw the second sprite above the first one with the desired […]

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Tiles: automatic junctions in Photoshop

I wanted to share this Photoshop action for creating automatically junction tiles. Let’s assume that you have the following block of tiles: These tiles allow to draw convex areas of every size: However, if you want to draw concave areas, you need more 4 tiles: Given the first block of tiles, the action creates the […]