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Alf Opera (by myotismon)
Touch and grab the boxes to move and match them to make points.
Collect all the gems, then reach the exit to proceed to the next level.
Connection Mask
Coloured dots appear on the screen. The game objective is to align a mask with the dots.
Death Pinball Show
Jump down through the pinball screens and make as many scores as you can.
Endless Escape
The player moves along an endless randomly generated path. He must avoid the crocodile in order to not be eaten.
Food Simulator
You are Pippo the Platypus, and your objective is to eat the chicken thighs that fall from the top of the screen.
This is a board game of my own invention.
The aim of the game is to proceed in hostile territory killing all the enemies.
Headcut simulator.
Magic Caves
Follow the wizard in eight levels to the search of a fabulous treasure.
Project Canada
This is not a full game, but a kind of rambling VR experiment.
Pyramid Dungeon
The player finds himself in the Sahara Desert, without remembering who he is.
This is a Windows remake of the Brick Game racing game.
Surviving a shipwreck together with two other men, the player finds himself on an island.
This is a free implementation of the famous Simon electronic game.
Slot machine simulator. Pull the lever to try your luck.
Space Labyrinth
Explore the huge surface of the Tucn planet looking for the lost cargo of crystals.
Stack Game
Aim of the game is to align and place the red blocks over previously placed ones.
Top Secret
Educational game. Click the objects on the screen to see what happens. Enjoy!
Wolfenstein Revenge
Fight the enemies and find the exit to reach the next level.